About Us

Goldcliff Garden Centre started in 1988 from humble beginnings with plants grown on the nursery and then sold by the side door of Matthew’s house. Over the course of 10 years, the number of shrubs, perennials and climbers we grew each year had increased to over 100,000 individual plants which were then sold to other local nurseries and garden centres. 

Our Garden Centre started in 1991 and over these years has slowly expanded to where we are today, stocking a variety of specimen plants alongside our wide range of gardening essentials and terracotta pots. In the early days, virtually every single plant we sold was grown on-site but this has transitioned to us sourcing our plants from other nurseries that share our passion for high-quality plants. 

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to gardening.

Our Story


November 1988


The first access road being built behind the Holdings for the original growing nursery.


March 1989


After the access road was built ‘young’ Matthew was on his long walk home from the nursery!


September 1990


Our growing nursery is in the background and our small plant sales area can be seen in the bottom left corner.


Some time later in 1990


We then moved our plant sales area into the middle of the nursery because it was getting busier and we needed more space for all of the plants we had grown!


September 1991


Matthew on his old ride-on mower that was used to transport plants around the nursery by pulling the trolleys.


March 1992


The first two polytunnels were built at the garden centre's current location and our car park and plant area was created too.


September 1992


Plants that we had grown at the nursery were laid out along the concrete path from the entrance.


May 1994


The original entrance from the car park into the plant sales area 30 years ago!


June 1995


Matthew loved growing plants and as time progressed he began to grow many more plants which went on sale as the garden centre expanded.


June 1996


Home-grown bedding plants on sale inside the polytunnel displayed on benches that Matthew and his father had built

And the sweetest apprentice ever! Charlotte at the age of almost 3 (Now the assistant manager)


April 1998


Matthew and his mother would transplant bedding plant seedlings into larger-sized pots or cells to allow the plants to thrive.





Each year we topped up our Christmas Tree field by planting young trees and Matthew would give Charlotte and her school friends a ride around in the back of a trailer sitting on bags of compost for comfort.




Our last two bays of polytunnels were built along with the hard-standing area at the back of the site. 



July 2014


Over the years the garden centre had expanded, stocking an even larger range of garden essentials, terracotta pots and plants. 




Cranes Garden Buildings arrived and have a wide range of Summerhouses, Garden Rooms, Garden Offices and Studios, Sheds, Workshops and Greenhouses.




Our first version of a loyalty card was produced to give something back to our loyal customers. Designed by Charlotte whilst she was studying Illustration at university.




An aerial view showing how the garden centre has developed from a humble polytunnel to the site it is today.



April 2018


Each year Matthew goes on a trip to Italy and hand-selects the plants we want to stock. Here we are organising and labelling the new shrubs and trees fresh off the lorry.





Unloading our annual Italian delivery of plants from the lorry by hand is a big job and usually takes us the day!




A year full of trials and it took a lot of effort but we made it through!


February 2022


Storm Eunice decided we didn't need a roof on one of our tunnels! Luckily it was the one housing the compost and stones so water damage wasn't an issue.


July 2023


This year we updated lots of tables which have enhanced our delightful displays of seasonal plants and shrubs around the garden centre.


September 2023


We always have a fantastic time hand-selecting our plants during the Italian plant-buying trip and eating lots of tasty food at every opportunity!