How to make a Bulb Lasagne

How to make a Bulb Lasagne


The concept is simple and the effect stunning!
Create a pot full of colour from February to May by planting bulbs in layers. 
The largest and latest flowering bulbs go in deepest, moving to the smallest and earliest in the top layer. 


Step 1 - 

Drainage is key,  place plenty of crocks or stones in the bottom of the pot, followed by a layer of compost. Bulb fibre is ideal as it is perfectly balanced for your bulbs otherwise you can also use multi-purpose compost mixed (2/3) with grit (1/3).


Step 2 - 

Starting with the largest bulbs, such as Alliums, create the first layer, leaving a couple of centimetres between each bulb and ensuring that they are not touching the sides of the pot. Add compost to cover this layer and place the next layer of bulbs above such as Tulips, Narcissi, repeat for the final layer of small bulbs such as Muscari, Crocus, Anemone etc.


Step 3 - 

Plant the top of the pot with winter bedding, Violas and Pansies work very well as the bulbs below will happily grow through them. Now you can move it into position and water well!