Create a focal point outide your home with a Wisteria

Long Clusters of Cascading Flowers

Wisteria are hardy, vigorous climbers with white, pink, blue or mauve fragrant pea-like flowers that hang from twining branches during the spring. Our wisterias are grafted plants, meaning they will reliably flower even at a young age.  Often it is recommended to buy your wisteria whilst it is flowering just to make sure and you can enjoy it from the get-go!

They are elegant-looking plants with their pendulous blooms and instantly add immediate curb appeal by framing doors, trained on the front of a house, draping over a pergola or along a sunny wall in the garden.

The spring is a perfect time to plant a wisteria!


How To Grow Wisteria

You need to provide sturdy support or structures to train your wisteria to climb up by twining its vigorous stems around the wires or woodwork.

Wisteria only flowers on new wood so it is very important to prune it twice a year! Summer pruning in August encourages the development of short flowering spurs that will carry flowers in the spring.  Cut the long whispy shoots back to a couple of buds from the base of the current season's growth.  For your older plants, prune them back to your framework of strong shoots.

Winter pruning is done in January when you cut back quite hard, removing the remaining long stems.

They love full sun and an ideal position is to grow against a south or west-facing wall with well-drained but fertile soil, and use a high potash feed in spring.

Keep in mind that once a wisteria is well established it can be very difficult to move so it is likely to become a permanent focal point! If you are planting in pots or raised beds, use a loam-based potting compost such as John Innes No.3.

Come and have a look at our beautiful wisteria in Bud at the garden centre!

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We look forward to seeing you gardening this year,

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