Ornamental Cherry Trees

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Cherry trees vary in their shape they can be more upright, rounded, spreading and weeping.  They are renowned for producing delightful displays with blossom that covers branches for a few glorious weeks before falling off like confetti, a true sign of spring.

Some varieties are perfect for smaller gardens such as Amanogawa as it has an upright habit and gets smothered in semi-double, pale pink blossom.

Prunus Accolade

This cherry tree has large semi-double, light-pink flowers which come from deep-pink buds during spring and has beautiful colour-changing leaves in the autumn. It has a spreading habit and grows to 4m x 4m.

Prunus Tai Haku Great White Cherry

Regarded as one of the best pure white cherries, with clusters of flowers that emerge from pink buds.  It has a wide spreading habit to 6m x 5m.

Prunus Shidare Sakura Cheal's Weeping Cherry

A small weeping tree with double, deep-pink flowers on the weeping branches, followed by bronze, young leaves that become green and turn bronze-orange in autumn. Grows to 2m tall and wide, ideal for a small garden.

Prunus Padus Pandora

A small, neat vase-shaped crown, full of single, pink flowers followed by leaves that open bronze-green and mature to green and turn orange-red in autumn. This tree grows to 5m tall and 4m wide.

Prunus Spring Glow

This tree has rich mahogany stems and bark with rosy pink glowing flowers.  Grows to 4m x 5m giving a wonderful almost ball-like mass of stunning flowers in the garden. 

Prunus cerasifera Trailblazer

This ornamental flowering plum has dark pink buds that open to white flowers, followed by leaves emerging a deep purple-bronze colour. From midsummer to autumn, rounded purple fruit appear. This tree will grow to above 5 meters.

Growing Conditions

For cherry trees to thrive, they need to be planted in full sun and can be grown in most soil types which are fertile and moist but well-drained, avoiding very wet or chalky soils. If possible choose a slightly sheltered spot so that strong winds can't strip a tree of its blossom.

The best time of year to plant trees is in the spring and autumn as the soil is warm and moist, once planted mulch with organic matter, such as well-rotted manure, it will help retain moisture and act as a weed suppressant.

The only pruning you need to do on ornamental cherry trees is to remove dead branches and the branches which cross over and potentially rub together which will reduce the risk of disease.

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Mycorrhizal Fungi


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