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Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Inspiration for your Spring garden


Autumn has arrived and so have the Spring Flowering Bulbs!

Bulbs bridge the transition from Winter into Spring and onto Summer, when there isn't much colour around and now is the time to plant for beautiful displays so you can show off your own signature style.

The very first hints of spring are Snowdrops followed by Crocus as they appear like little colourful jewels, they are also perfect for planting in the garden to naturalise. The bright happy colours of Daffodils bloom year after year, needing very little attention, this makes them perfect for a novice gardener.  Tulips are absolutely essential in the making of a Spring garden, being the most popular bulb due to the vast choice of colours and shapes which means you can make a statement both in the ground or in a container. One of the last bulbs to flower are Alliums, they add a strong structural shape to the border with their beautiful colourful pompom flowerheads, leading us into early summer.