Christmas Trees are Here! 

 Our beautiful real trees are undercover and displayed on stands creating our enchanting indoor forest for you to wander around.  

 Choose your perfect tree from our magnificent selection of cut Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce Christmas Trees as well as a selection of potted Christmas Trees.

If you need a little help choosing the variety, here is a little bit of information about the trees we have...







The Nordmann Fir:

is possibly the most sought-after Christmas tree with its symmetrical rings of branches, the needles stay attached throughout the festive

season so it is known as the non-drop Christmas Tree,  the needles are soft to the touch which makes it the most ideal for young children.

They are available as cut trees with heights between 3-10 feet and pots 3-4 feet.








The Norway Spruce:

is considered to be the traditional British Christmas tree with its amazing forest fragrances that fill the home with scents of Christmas.

This variety grows in a conical shape with foliage that is dense and sharp. The cut Norway Spruce are grown locally (near Ripe 5 miles away)

in sizes from 3-8 feet tall. Our potted trees are available between 3-5 feet tall.  It's important to keep them properly watered to ensure the best

needle retention as they will drop their needles if allowed to dry out.









The Blue Spruce:

has the clearest, iciest blue, eye-catching foliage that becomes densely packed in a pyramid shape due to the slow-growing nature

of the tree. These are available between  1-6 feet tall as potted trees so you can keep them in the garden providing year-round interest.








The Fraser Fir:

has blue/green needles with a silvery underside, like the Nordmann Fir they have good needle retention. They are growing in popularity due to

their strong branches that can hold decorations. We have this variety in pots which is available in sizes between 3-4 feet tall.







Keep all Christmas trees cool, away from fires, radiators, and underfloor heating as this will keep them looking beautiful for the big day.

Alongside our indoor Christmas tree forest, you can buy your Christmas trees on our website where you can arrange to collect or have them delivered, straight to your door.

Lets Get Christmassy

All of our Christmas trees come from sustainable sources and provide habitat for wildlife for their time in the fields. A 6ft Christmas tree takes about 10 years to grow and during that time absorbs CO2 and gives out oxygen.

They are natural and fully recyclable, local councils and charities often have recycling schemes where they are turned into mulch for landscaping and gardening, or woodchips for trails, paths and ground covering.  

You can register your tree by clicking the link below.

Recycle your Christmas tree