Cold Weather Warning

Protecting Your Plants From Frost

From today onwards we will see the arrival of northerly winds bringing cold air from the Arctic.  We may see beautiful frost-kissed mornings but some plants may suffer so we suggest that you protect them where possible.
  You can move smaller pots into an area which is more sheltered such as beside the house wall, fences and even close to larger evergreen trees as this will help eliminate the wind chill factor and reduce the amount of frost damage.
Not all plants will need protection from the frost, but certain categories will such as tender perennials, half-hardy varieties, tropical plants like palms and bananas, young seedlings and new growth.


Garden Fleece

Coir Frost Protector

Fleece is very effective as it helps to protect your plants by keeping them a few degrees warmer and is useful for larger garden plants and shrubs.


Plants are effectively protected from frosts by using the natural material coir as it offers thermal insulation and moisture regulation. An added benefit of this is that it inhibits weed growth during spring and summer!



Well-Rotted Manure

Heavy Duty Fleece Bags

Mulch can act as an excellent insulator to protect the roots of your plants, apply a thick layer of organic material such as manure over the soil surface - manure is also packed with nutrients.

Horticultural garden fleece bags are very useful for plants that you cannot move by protecting them from frosts down to -7/8ºC.  They have a drawstring at the base making them incredibly easy to put on and remove.


We look forward to seeing you gardening this year,

Matthew, Charlotte and all the Team