Marvellous Magnolias


Whether a small but beautiful gift of a pot plant, to one of our trees in spring bloom, we have gifts to suit everyone

Growing small or large opulent flowers on bare stems, magnolias are beautiful shrubs. Their colours vary from pure white, and yellow to deep magenta with flowers shaped like goblets or stars.

Now is a perfect time to plant magnolias, they need acidic soil so if you don't have the right soil type, you can grow smaller varieties such as Stellata which has delicate star-shaped blooms in pots. The best planting position is a sheltered spot away from strong winds in an area which gets plenty of sunlight as this encourages more flowers to grow. It is important to avoid frost pockets as the frost can damage the flowers in spring.

Once planted, water well, especially during the summer and use an acidic mulch such as pine bark as this will help with moisture retention and weed suppression.

Magnolia x loebneri Merril grows star-shaped flowers which are white but the outer petals have a pale pink hue.

Magnolia Vulcan has deep purple flowers that fade to pink as they mature, growing 4m tall and 3m wide.

Magnolia x loebneri Leonard Messel produces masses of rose-pink star-shaped flowers that emerge from darker buds, growing to about 5m tall and 3m wide.

Come and visit our garden centre as we have just had a delivery of magnolias, so they aren't on our website yet!